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Eastern Presidents Cup


2018 US Youth Soccer Eastern Presidents Cup

June 15-18 in Barboursville, W.Va.

Barboursville Soccer Complex 


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The 2018 US Youth Soccer Eastern Presidents Cup takes place June 15-18 in Barboursville, W.Va. The event will feature Boys and Girls teams in the 13U through 18U age groups who will compete for a regional championship and a spot at the 2018 US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup, July 15-17 in Westfield, Ind.. Additional information released closer to event date.


Eligibility For East Region Entries


Section 1.  Each State Association shall determine: 

  1. Whether it shall conduct a National Presidents Cup competition to determine its representatives in compliance with Rule 303
  2. Which age groups, whether boys or girls, or both, that it will conduct State Association level competitions for; and
  3. The teams that represent it for each boys and girls age group at the National Presidents Cup competitions for East Region, which the State Association is a member in compliance with Rule 303;
  4. The format for the competition at the State Association level to determine teams representing the State Association shall be a format established by the State Association
Section 2.  Prior to the competitions at the State Association level, the schedule and plans for determining the State Association representatives shall be submitted for approval to Eastern President Cup Chair
The National Presidents Cup competitions shall be open to any team whose players are registered with US Youth Soccer through a State Association if the team is in compliance with all of the following requirements.
  1. The team must be comprised of properly registered and rostered youth players (as defined by US Youth Soccer)
  2. The team must be in good standing with its State Association and must be in compliance with, and has not violated any of the bylaws and policies of US Youth Soccer
In US Youth Soccer whose membership is 25,000 or fewer:
  1. The team must be comprised of properly registered and rostered youth players (as defined by US Youth Soccer)
  2. However, each State is free to designate any team except their USYSNC Champion, as their representative to the Regional President's Cup. The team may only compete in one Regional competition
In US Youth Soccer whose membership is 25,001 or more:
  1. The winner of the competition level directly below US Youth Soccer(State Association) State Championship or cup may represent the state at the Regional Competition
  2. However, each state is free to designate any team except those that have finished in the top sixteen of the National Championship Competition


The East Region will post on their website a banner/notice for advertising the Eastern President's Cup Competition. It will advise that teams wanting to enter their State Association's President's Cup must go to their State Association website to download their application entry form. Each State Association will set their own application fee for their teams.

All applications will be sent to the appropriate State Association for review, approval and or disapproval. It will be the responsibility of each State Association to notify the Eastern President's Cup Chair of their selection.


Player Eligibility

On States that dual roster players, players are allowed to play on the President's Cup team and US Youth Soccer National Championships team, if the team playing in President's Cup declares for the President's Cup and not for the US Youth Soccer National Championships team.



Each club will provide a President's Cup roster with no more than sixteen (16) players on the 12U age group. The 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U and 18U age group roster will consist of twenty-two (22) players. State Associations must supply a roster reflecting the players registered for the State level event which the PCC can use to determine compliance with the following:
  1. Roster will have a continuity that includes at least 9 of the players who participated in the Regional Qualifiers for Presidents Cup. No player added to a team after the Regional competition is completed shall be rostered on a USYSNC team.
  2. Rosters MUST be legible and signed by the State Association Registrar
  3. Players MUST be listed in alphabetical order, last name first.
  4. Jersey Numbers MUST be listed on roster.
  5. All players will have a uniquely numbered jersey that matches the roster.
  6. No team shall be allowed more than the 15/22 players on its roster (as defined above).
  7. Team bench personal [maximum of four(4) people] will have AND display on their person in a fashion that is easy to see on the lanyard provided the identification passes provided by US Youth Soccer President's Cup
Player/Coach Passes: Each player and team official listed on a team roster must carry the US Youth Soccer member pass with a current photograph of the player or team official and the appropriate official of the State Association and laminated prior to check-in. Team officials (not players) over the age of 17 must provide proof they have been approved by their State Risk Management Committee at check in.


A State Association may withdraw any of its team from the Eastern President’s Cup without penalty up to 31 days prior to the start of play: however the entry fee will not be refunded. Any State Association that withdraws team(s) from the Presidents Cup less than 31 days prior to the start of play will be subjected to a fine of $ 1500.00 per team. In addition, any State Association that withdraws team(s) less than 5 days prior to the start of the event will be subject to an additional $ 1500.00 per team. These fines are to be made payable to the East Region and MUST be submitted to the East Region office within thirty (30) days upon completion of the Eastern Presidents Cup competition. Any State Association that is unable to send its Champion team has the option to send its runner-up team.

Any unreasonable forfeits, determined by the Eastern Presidents Cup Committee, will be subject to a fine of $ 500.00 per game forfeited and will not advance to the next round of competition.

Any State Association that does not pay the fine(s) will considered not in good standing and its teams will not be permitted to play in any future Eastern Presidents Cup competition until the fine(s) are paid.

The State Association will be responsible for collection of any fine(s) from the team that withdraws or forfeits any games in the Eastern Presidents Cup.

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