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Eastern Regional League - Rules/Policies


Eastern Regional League RulesClick here 



Teams accepted into the Eastern Regional League must meet the following criteria:

1.Registered with their US Youth Soccer State Association.

2.Be in good standing with their US Youth Soccer State Association.

3.Have a qualifying record based on prior year’s league performance.


Team Rosters

Teams selected to participate in the Region I Eastern Regional League must show a minimum 9-player continuity from the 2015-2016 season.  Due to the transition to the calendar year age groups the minimum 9-player continuity are players that were on a roster of any team within the applying team’s club.


Coaching Requirements

At least one coach on a team’s Eastern Regional League roster must hold at the minimum a US Soccer National “C” Coaching License or equivalent.  All other coaches on the sidelines coaching in an ERL game must have at the minimum a US Soccer “E” Coaching License or equivalent earned prior to the 2016-17 season as determined by ERL (i.e. minimum NSCAA National Diploma)

Commitment To Play

The Eastern Regional League is a high level of play and requires an equal level of commitment.  Teams must prioritize the league as its number one priority.  Teams must also demonstrate a continued level of respect toward their opponent and officials and exercise good sportsmanship at all times.  Teams failing to meet this obligation are subject to penalties as outlined in the league rules.


State Cup Requirements

Teams participating in the Boys and Girls U13 through U19/20 Elite Division are subject to their own State Associations’ National Championship State Cup Rules as well as all US Youth Soccer National Championship Rules.

Any team that participates in the Boys or Girls U13 through U19/20 Elite Division and that does NOT participate in their State Association's National Championship State Cup Competition CANNOT be the automatic wildcard, nor the alternate.

Tiebreakers for Subdivisions with Crossover Games

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Past Rules Archive - (No Longer Being Used)

2016-2017 Rules

2015-2016 Rules