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Team Applications

Team applications will be accepted via  Applications will open on August 1, 2016.  Deadline for applications is October 1, 2017

Team Fee

The team fee for the 2018 Eastern Regional League fee is 2400.00.  This amount includes the league registration fee and the registration fees for both showcase events.  Payment should be made via check to the Region I office; please include a copy of the electronic application confirmation.  This fee does not include referee fee or field rental outside the two showcase events.

Acceptance Process

Qualification Review

No team may participate in the ERL without approval from their respective US Youth Soccer State Association.  Once the application process closes, the Eastern Regional League will forward the list of applying teams to the Region I State Associations.  The State Associations will then verify that all applying teams are registered, in good standing, and qualified to participate in the Eastern Regional League.  Teams competing in the Eastern Regional League must also satisfy eligibility requirements for the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series.


Teams cleared to participate in the Eastern Regional League, by their State Association, are not automatically accepted into the Eastern Regional League.  The league commission will evaluate all qualifying teams and determine final acceptances into the Eastern Regional League based on the number of positions available and the configuration of teams in each division and sub-division.


Acceptance/Placement Notification

The league will notify teams of acceptance and placement.  Upon notification teams will have seven (7) days to confirm acceptance.  Teams not accepting placement in the league prior to the acceptance deadline will receive a refund.  Teams not responding by the deadline will be considered to have accepted placement.



Fees will be paid by check.  All checks will be held until the team is accepted.  Accepted teams’ checks will be deposited, and all other checks will be returned.  Once a team is accepted, and the team’s check is deposited, no refund will be given.



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